The Premise

Welcome to Ogres vs Trolls! You may be wondering about the title. Allow me to explain.

When I was a kid I, like many a young nerd, tried to create my own fantasy world. I was inspired by books I had read and movies I had seen, and a lot of what resulted was horribly derivative. One minor issue vexed me for some time, however, and that was the matter of ogres and trolls.

The fiction I had been raised on presented them as more or less the same thing, big man-eating monsters of vaguely human shape. I wanted to have both, not just one or the other. How could I distinguish them, make them different? So I read up about them. And I read some more. Now, I was already interested in myths and fairy tales by this point, had even taken a crack at Le Morte d’Arthur when I was ten. Reading deeper into these topics was a natural step.

This amateur research was an ongoing project that lasted many years. Ultimately, that particular fantasy world I tried to create fell by the wayside, as did a couple of others, but I got deeper and deeper into the subject of mythology and folklore. I now own sixty plus books on the topic and I’m constantly collecting new ones. I’ve got an especial soft spot for monsters and spirits of all shapes and sizes.  I don’t pretend to be an expert on any one particular subject, but when it comes to monsters, I’ve memorized a lot and have a small library to draw on. So what am I getting at with this blog?

This blog exists to help out others who had the same problem as I did. Whether you’re writing for games, books, or your own fun, my goal is to help you find ways to re-interpret myth and legend in fun ways for your fiction. Starting next week I will post the first of a four part series, and my hope is to post once a week from then on. I’ll post about monsters and magicians, gods and spirits, and all the different traditions behind them and how a writer can use those traditions. And, sometimes, I might post a bit of my own fiction, so you can see it in practice.

I hope you’ll stick around for the fun.


2 Responses to “The Premise”

  1. 1 Mason Pylant December 29, 2016 at 6:45 am

    :O oh no! No more on Trolls??

  2. 2 Darkam le Troll Ogre Giant (TOG) January 4, 2017 at 9:54 am

    Hey I also really enjoy Trolls, Ogres and Giants so that’s an interesting point of view to create such a blog, I’m also collecting drawing of this kind of creatures !

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